Kinship Care

Taking Care Of The Vulnerable

Taking care of vulnerable people in the community is one of the crucial reasons why we operate. We want to ensure everyone has access to live healthy and also get adequate support from different families in the community. There are children and young people in the community who are in need of all the support they can get to get through life and meet their educational needs. Asides educational needs, we offer family support, and help children shape their lives emotionally and make them become adults with a good understanding of life. We have been in the field of care services for long, and we understand the needs of the community.

Our kinship care team is charged with the responsibility of getting families that are interested in taking care of children who are in need of support and care. We connect the children with these families where they can get the needed support and right upbringing. This goes a long way in ensuring the community is not filled with broken people owing to the fact that they lacked parental support while growing up. Our team looks carefully through the families and runs background checks to ensure that the families are fit and proper for taking in children and young people for the purpose of taking care of them. This helps to ensure that the children get into safe hands where their care is guaranteed.

Our kinship care team has developed a kinship care training strategy through which we educate families on the proper ways to take care of children and provide adequate support to the children. Some families may not understand the best ways to approach supporting the children they have taken in, which may cause some gaps in taking care of the children. With our training strategy, each family can learn the best ways to relate to the children and take good care of them. There is a lot to learn about supporting children under foster care. We understand the need for this, and this is why we organise the training strategies to help families get through and have a deft understanding of the approaches required.

Our kinship care team comprises expert volunteers who are continually receiving training to ensure they are the best at what they do. We organise skill acquisition and development training sessions for our volunteers where they learn the best ways to relate with families while carrying out background checks on the families. This is essential as it helps the volunteers get information that they need to be sure whether the family is fit and proper to take in the child. Child support is a field that requires care and diligence, and we aim to satisfy that need by ensuring that we utilise our volunteers the best ways.

Our kinship care team members are crucial to meeting our objectives as an organisation. We want to ensure that adequate care is provided to all members of the community who are vulnerable.