Foster Care

Supporting Children And Young People

Our foster care team is responsible for handling all matters related to people in need of parental care but do not have access to any. There are children and young people who need the support of a guardian at their developmental stage. We understand the need to address this gap, and we provide adequately for it. We want children to have access to care through our foster programs through which we identify children in need and connect them with families that can cater to their needs and help them live in a better condition. This forms one of our core objectives and ensures that we get a step closer to our goal of supporting families through our care services.

Our foster care team is responsible for recruiting families that are interested in taking in children and young people in need of care and support. The team examines the families and decides if the families are safe for the children. The team is in charge of carrying out background checks to ensure that the family will be a safe space for the children and be a place where they can get adequate support. Our foster care team is charged with the responsibility of looking for families that can shoulder the responsibility of supporting children. The aim of the team is to ensure that the best care services are provided to the children.

To ensure the safety of the children, the team certifies that the families that will be adopting the children are holding the current blue card. This helps to ensure the families are safe and also fit for taking in children. Support is crucial for these children, and the families that will be taking them in must necessarily be able to support them through all the things they need, from emotional needs to educational needs. This accounts for why our foster care team carries out a detailed check on the families adopting the children to be sure that the families are upright and able to satisfy the needs of the children effectively.

Our foster care team has created a foster care training strategy through which we educate families on the proper ways to take care of children and provide adequate support to the children. Some families may not understand the best ways to approach supporting the children they have taken in, which may cause some gaps in taking care of the children. With our training strategy, each family can learn the best ways to relate to the children and take good care of them. There is a lot to learn about supporting children under foster care. We understand the need for this, and this is why we organise the training strategies to help families get through and have a deft understanding of the approaches required.

Our foster care team is constantly evolving with new strategies and getting trained on the best approaches to reach our target objectives. Our volunteers are experts with years of experience in dealing with families and helping them get through supporting children and young people.