Welcome to Indigenous Family and Child Support Services. We are at the forefront of child support and community development. 

Our aim is to ensure that vulnerable members of the community get all the support they need to live a healthy life and receive the care they need for a good living. We want to ensure that children have access to support and care. This is our primary objective.

We recruit families that are ready to provide support to children and young people and then connect children to these families. We also offer strategy sessions where the families can learn the best approaches to taking care of the children.

Vulnerable children and families should have access to support. We are here to provide that.

Our Values

We have values that inform our services and guide how we operate. These values help to shape our objectives and also guide our activities toward ensuring we achieve our goals. The values form the core of things we do and determine the direction we move. 


We want to ensure that the community is not filled with broken children and adults who are unable to have parental care and even support that they need to get through life. We examine the needs of the vulnerable families through our recognised entity team and we contemplate these needs in determining the best approaches and solutions that can adequately represent the needs of the families. Our objective is core support and care. We recruit families that can provide support and connect children to families. We also ensure to provide strategy documents through which the families can learn the best approaches to support the children.

We also carry out background checks to be sure that the families are safe for the children. We foster strong relationships with the community to gain more insight into the problem and possible solutions. By running checks on the families, we ensure that the children are placed in safe hands.


Our strength lies in our expert team of volunteers who have experience in relating to vulnerable families. We recruit volunteers across the year. By volunteering with us, you can get the experience you need and also contribute to the lives of members of the community. Our volunteers also receive training to ensure that our services are always top-notch. You can reach out to join our community of support, where we help vulnerable members.