Welcome to Indigenous Family and Child Support Services. We are at the forefront of child support and community development. 

Our aim is to ensure that vulnerable members of the community get all the support they need to live a healthy life and receive the care they need for a good living. We want to ensure that children have access to support and care. This is our primary objective.

We recruit families that are ready to provide support to children and young people and then connect children to these families. We also offer strategy sessions where the families can learn the best approaches to taking care of them.

Vulnerable children and families should have access to support. We are here to provide that.


The pandemic has had significant impacts on several human activities. From travels to public gatherings, many things have now been limited owing to government restrictions. Our activities have also been affected by the virus. We have had to put some of our programs on hold. While the virus persists, ensure to stay safe and abide by the Covid-19 safety measures.

Recognised Entity

The recognised entity is a crucial part of the objectives of our organisation. The team forms a part of the decision-making process because the team is charged with recruiting families to support children. The team also identifies vulnerable families and examines their needs to ensure that adequate solutions are provided. This makes it important for the team to be a part of the decision making process.

Kinship Care

Our kinship care team ensures that we get closer to our objective of providing support and care to all vulnerable members of the community. The team receives adequate training that helps them to deliver excellent services and relate with members of the community effectively. This makes it possible for the team to recruit families that can support and take care of children. We want to ensure that there is access in the community to support, and people can enjoy this access without difficulty.

Foster Care

Our foster care team is in charge of recruiting families to take in children and young people in need of support. The team has the skills and necessary knowledge needed to engage the community members and foster strong relationships that can be leveraged to deliver our services. The team also recruits families to support children and young people. The aim is to ensure that children are placed in safe hands to get the support they need both educationally and emotionally.

Proud Partners


Our team is where our strength lies. We have operated for years with the help of our volunteers who have the experience and the skills to engage members of the community and adequately represent our goals. As a volunteer, you not only gain the opportunity to contribute and add value to the lives of people, but you also learn and acquire life skills, which you can use to further your personal development and leverage in your career development. You can join our team of volunteers by reaching out through our platform.