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Recognised Entity

The role of the Recognised Entity team is to:

  • actively participate in decisions made by the Department of Communities (Child Safety) regarding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children and young people through out each phase of statutory child protection process.
  • jointly participate in significant decisions to assess what intervention process needs to be established to ensure the safety of the child/ren.
  • provide information to families to help them understand the purpose and impact of each of the statutory phases.

The Recognised Entity Team continues to attend training in order to gain more knowledge and understanding of processes relating to the Department of Child Safety. R.E Staff continues to follow the IFACSS Mission Statement to ensure our children and their families are fully supported throughout the Child Protection process.

Recognised Entity Staff

  • Children’s Tribunal
  • Court Processes
  • Structured Decision Making Training (SDM)
  • Women’s Leadership Workshop
  • One Chance at Childhood
  • Behaviour Management
  • Family D.V
  • Over representation of Indigenous children in care
  • Internal Data Base
  • Note Taking
  • First Aide
  • Fire